Professional Dog Training in the Chicago Area

Free Training Evaluation ($99 Value!)*

Your relationship with your dog is a special one, and that’s why our trainers do what they do. Every day, we help families discover the best possible bond with their dogs based on communication, trust, and understanding. With over 30 years of combined professional dog training experience, we’ll help your pup unlock their true potential with a proven training program.

Customized Dog Training Camps

At Waggles Pet Resort, we treat every dog like the individual they are. Our customized approach is based on proven methods to create a fun and educational experience. Our action-packed Stay & Train camps are built to meet 3 major goals:

  1. Teach your dog the obedience and manners skills needed to be their best self.
  2. Teach you and your family the tools & techniques to maintain your pet’s training well beyond the end of camp.
  3. Provide ongoing support and resources to ensure lasting results.

Here’s what’s included in Stay & Train at Waggles Pet Resort:

  • Multiple daily customized training sessions
  • A luxurious overnight suite with all the amenities of our resort
  • Daily wellness checks delivered by highly trained professionals
  • Private lessons with you and our trainer after the end of the camp
  • Take-home materials and practice exercises
dog in training session
dog with graduation hat on

Benefits of Professional Dog Training

If you’ve ever tried training your dog at home, you’ve likely found it’s more difficult than it seems. Our professional training team has the experience and education to help. Here are some of the ways professional dog training makes a difference.

  1. We approach each dog like a unique individual. We’ll take your pet’s breed, age, history, and prior training experience into account when developing their customized program. This lets us train your dog in a way that’s comprehensible, fun, and motivating for them.
  2. Our facility is built for training. We have the tools and controllable distractions to deliver targeted training. In a sterile home training environment, dogs often don’t get the dynamic experience they need to succeed a world full of distractions. It’s important your dog responds to you even in the presence of people, other dogs, wildlife, and more, and that’s a vital part of our training programs.
  3. You get to learn, too. Your involvement in your pet’s training is a key part of the program. We’ll provide you the tools and information to maintain your pet’s new excellent habits at home, and these skills are yours forever!

Free Training Evaluation ($99 Value!)*

* Training evaluations are valid for 1 month.  After 1 month, a follow-up evaluation may be required at an additional charge.

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