The transition from summer to a new school year isn’t just a shift for children; it’s a significant change for our canine companions as well. After an entire season filled with play and an abundance of personal attention, the sudden emptiness of a quiet house can occasionally be jarring for our pets. This shift can lead to feelings of boredom, loneliness, and even anxiety.

Scheduling additional playtime with your pup – whether a game of fetch or tug-of-war – and investing in interactive puzzle toys that engage your dog’s brain can help to bridge the gap until the kids get home. Still, with the bustle of school runs, extracurricular activities, and homework sessions, parents might find it challenging to allocate enough quality time for their pets.

A dog daycare program, like those offered at Waggles Pet Resort, ensures that dogs receive the attention and activity they require, all while providing peace of mind to families during the hectic school year.

Go to the Head of the Class with Waggles

Waggles Pet Resort has crafted an experience that is second to none. Every element has been meticulously designed for canine happiness and safety. Our staff follows industry-leading practices and engages in ongoing education, providing peace of mind for you and a fantastic day for your dog.

  • Play and Relaxation: At Waggles, guests enjoy a measured balance of play and relaxation. With three spacious outdoor yards secured with fencing, they can run and frolic to their heart’s content, then kick back and relax in a comfortable canine suite.
  • A Clean, Stimulating Environment: Multiple indoor play areas provide variety and comfort for guests at Waggles, while exercise and playground equipment foster interactive play, ensuring both mental and physical stimulation.
  • Tailored Playgroups: Because no two dogs are exactly alike, Waggles carefully selects playgroups based on play style, activity level, and size. And all guests start with a trial day to assess their comfort level in social play programs.
  • Beat the Heat: Summer may soon be ending, but hot temperatures can sometimes linger in Wheeling, IL. Splash pools and shaded areas allow dogs to cool off, while our premium canine-friendly turf ensures a comfortable play surface.
  • Waggles’ Chauffeur Service: For the busy pet owner, Waggles offers an ultra-convenient chauffeur service. A team member will pick up your pup in our safe, air-conditioned van and return them after a full day of fun, rejuvenated and happy.

The benefits of dog daycare go beyond just keeping your dog entertained. It’s about ensuring their emotional well-being during a potentially stressful transitional period. Plus, with the right daycare, they gain opportunities for socialization, exercise, and engagement that they might not get at home. Contact Waggles Pet Resort to schedule your first visit.