When touring luxury pet resorts to find a good fit for your furry family member, keep one thing in mind: not all pet resorts are created equal. Use the following “musts” list to narrow your search and help you find an appropriate home away from home for your pal:

  1. Cleanliness: The best dog boarding facilities employ hospital-grade disinfecting techniques. They should also be equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning tools and air filtration systems. Be sure to take particular note of the facility’s smell. While that familiar doggie scent is understandable given the clientele, if the odor is foul or urine-heavy, move on to the next pet resort on the list.
  2. Playtime: Play areas should be adequately sized and well-supervised. Play groups should be well-matched, with dogs of similar size and energy level, and dogs should have access to indoor play areas in the event of inclement weather.
  3. Waste management: Try to get the real scoop on how quickly the staff picks up after its guests during bathroom time. An attentive staff stands at the ready to remove waste and provide a pristine environment for all of its dogs.
  4. Guest satisfaction: When you want to gauge the service at a luxury resort – ask the guests. While dogs may not be able to vocalize their opinions, they still have ways of getting a message across. Whenever possible when touring luxury pet resorts, take note of the guests’ behaviors. Do they appear relaxed? Or are they pacing back and forth and/or whining? A dog that seems content and comfortable in its environment is a good sign of an attentive team and a quality facility.

Keep in mind, your dog’s sleeping quarters – whether a kennel or a suite – should provide plenty of room for walking and turning around, while allowing him to stand at full height. Access to a private spot is also important, for those times when your dog just wants some peace and quiet.

Perhaps the best advice when touring luxury pet resorts? Take a cue from your furry pal. If your dog comes home clean and happy and ready to play some more, that’s the place for you – and your pet.

Waggles Pet Resort strives to make life easier for pet parents. Rest assured your dog will sleep comfortably in a luxurious, glass-door suite, and be subject to the finest amenities and TLC from trained, compassionate caregivers. Call us at 847-886-3030 today to schedule your dog’s stay.