Spring is here. Summer is on its way. With warmer weather settling in, ticks are looking for their next meal ticket: namely, your dog. Because ticks can contribute to a host of health issues – from skin problems to Lyme disease – it’s important for pet parents to take steps during tick season to protect their pets, and the rest of the family.

  • Consult with your veterinarian. A number of topical treatments and shampoos are available to ward off blood-sucking pests. A dog care professional can point you in the right direction of a safe, effective flea and tick prevention product that is right for your dog.
  • Mow your lawn frequently. Ticks thrive in tall grass and weeds. Regular mowing robs them of their hiding spots. Also, keep your yard free from brush and other yard waste where ticks can congregate.
  • Grab a fine-toothed comb! In other words, regularly inspect your dogs (and the kids!) after a long periods outdoors, or after walks in wooded areas or places with high grass. Part the hair and look closely for anything unusual, including dark spots or bumps. For dogs, pay close attention to the feet and toes, under the legs, around the eyes, around and inside the ears, under the tail, and even on the lips. Be sure to check under the collar, too.
  • Groom regularly: Consistent grooming can help to ward off ticks, as well. Your groomer may be able to suggest a special shampoo that repels ticks. Additionally, a thorough brushing paired with de-shedding techniques can reduce the risk of ticks going undetected in your dog’s hair.

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