Dog ownership is more than just cuddles and playful afternoons in the park. To truly strike a harmonious chord between pet and owner, a quality dog training program should play a critical role.

Every dog is unique, each with its quirks, habits, and behaviors. Ensuring they develop the right behaviors and habits, however, requires expertise and a conducive environment. This is where Waggles Pet Resort in Wheeling, IL comes into play (sometimes literally). With more than 30 years of combined professional dog training experience, our team offers a quality dog training program tailored to bring out the best in every pet.

Take a closer look at the four biggest benefits a quality dog training program delivers:

A Strengthened Bond Between Dog and Owner

Every pet-parent relationship is different. Waggles’ experienced trainers are dedicated to helping families achieve the best bond with their dogs. By prioritizing communication, trust, and understanding, our program ensures a deeper connection between you and your furry friend.

Customized Training for Lasting Results

At Waggles, we celebrate the individuality of every dog. Our action-packed Stay & Train camps are designed with three major goals:

  • Imparting essential obedience and manners.
  • Equipping families with tools and techniques for sustained training.
  • Offering continuous support for enduring results.

From multiple daily training sessions and luxury overnight stays to private lessons post-camp, every aspect of our Stay & Train camps is tailored to your dog’s unique needs.

Home training can be challenging – and distracting. At Waggles, your dog benefits from a customized approach from a seasoned training team that factors in breed, age, history, and prior training experience. Our facility is designed to provide dynamic training experiences, ensuring your dog is prepared for a world filled with various distractions.

Education Beyond Just Your Dog

A quality dog training program is not just about training your pet; it’s about educating you, as well. The Waggles team takes pride in ensuring that families are well-equipped to maintain the newly acquired habits of their pets. A series of video modules provides invaluable insights while your dog is with us and can be accessed at any time following our program. Owners also receive three in-person lessons (one at pickup and two follow-up lessons) in addition to a year of phone support.

Safety and Well-being Are Our Priority

Commands and routines are par for the course with any training program. But it’s the environment and the experience that makes training stick. Your dog’s well-being is Waggles’ top priority. Every dog under our care enjoys daily wellness checks by trained professionals, ensuring both their physical and mental health.

Waggles Pet Resort isn’t just a boarding, daycare, and training facility – it’s a community dedicated to bringing out the best in your pet. Our focus on individualized training, combined with the expertise of our team, ensures that you and your dog experience the full spectrum of benefits from a quality dog training program. So, whether you’ve just welcomed a new puppy or want to improve your bond with your longtime companion, Waggles Pet Resort in Wheeling, IL should be your go-to destination. Stop by to see how our programs can benefit you and your four-legged best friend.