All dogs are different. What is stressful to one may be a walk in the park (or even better) for another. But many of our canine companions can suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are out of town – or even just out of sight. Boarding, even at a luxury pet resort, can create a great deal of anxiety and sometimes fear in our pets.

Certain pet resort practices can help to curb this stress, and maybe even make your dog a fan of frequent getaways.

  • Plenty of Playtime: Dogs are social animals. They tend to forget their worries when they can run, jump, and play with other dogs – or dog lovers. An abundance of fresh air and ample play time in spacious, supervised yards can offer a chance to exercise and make new pals while away from home.
  • One-on-one attention: A scratch behind the ears or under the chin, a belly rub, or a pat on the head are great ways to put a good dog at ease. Standard pet resort practices call for plenty of TLC so that your pet is never starved for attention or companionship. This not only helps relieve your dog of his or her separation anxiety – but the resort staff loves it, too!
  • A Pre-Visit: Never underestimate a dog’s scent memory. One or two early visits to the pet resort can help to acclimate your pet to a new space and surroundings. The resort’s team should be more than happy to help you set this up. Better yet, if you can arrange for an overnight stay prior to your extended vacation or trip, and then pick your dog up in the morning, it can help to reinforce the idea that you are not abandoning him. If this isn’t possible, drop your dog off early in the morning to give them an entire day to become familiar with the new sights, sounds, people, and fellow pets.

The dog lovers and specialists at Waggles Pet Resort want your dog to be over the moon about her accommodations. We pride ourselves on our tension-reducing pet resort practices and delivering quality service in a welcoming, clean, and comfortable atmosphere. We have a lot of return customers whose dogs just can’t wait to get back to Waggles. Call us at 847-886-3030 to schedule your visit today.