It’s getting a tad nippy outside. And although our dogs have the benefit of a comfy coat of fur to provide some extra insulation, it remains important as a pet parent to keep your dog warm when the weather outside is blustery and the barometer has dropped. 

Some simple things you can do to keep your dog warm in the winter include:

  1. Dress for success: In other words, it’s sweater weather for your four-footed friend. Some short-haired breeds, like schnauzers, may benefit more from winter attire than their burlier cousins who were perhaps bred for such weather. Choose something that provides ample coverage and fits snugly – while not creating too much of a squeeze. Keep a watch for sharp edges and avoid pet clothing with irritating zippers. Dog booties can also protect your dog’s sensitive paws and their pads from snow, ice, and the chemicals and salts that are typically used to treat slippery surfaces.
  2. Ensure a warm winter’s nap: Don’t you just love to cuddle under a soft, cozy blanket when the snow is falling outside? Guess what? So does your dog. Elevated surfaces are ideal, as it keeps your dog’s warm belly off of the hard, cold ground.
  3. Make sure your pet’s ID is current: Making sure your dog is microchipped or wearing a collar equipped with a current ID is so important, regardless of the season. In the winter, however, inclement weather can sometimes cover scents, making it difficult for dogs to find their way back home if they were to become separated from you and/or lost.

These three easy steps can help you ensure your dog’s safety and comfort throughout the winter months. Meanwhile, guests at Waggles Pet Resort will always be greeted with a warm welcome, as our team goes out of its way to make sure your dog has all of the comforts of home during an extended seasonal stay, or simply during doggie daycare.

We offer:

  • Temperature-controlled suites: Our private, luxury suites for overnight guests come complete with the amenities your dog adores, including elevated cots with soft, cozy bedding.
  • Clean indoor play areas: Whether a daycare guest or boarding, your pup will have the run of the house, literally, when it’s too chilly or wet to romp recreationally outdoors.
  • Waggles chauffer service – Waggles makes winter commutes to daycare convenient for pet owners by offering pickup and drop-off service in our safe, secure, and heated van.

Waggles Pet Resort can’t wait to make your dog’s acquaintance this winter. We guarantee we will keep your dog warm and happy whether you are out of town for a week or out to work for the day. Give us a call at 847-994-4855 to make a reservation.