Group play packages as a gift for your dog? You know what they say: “The more the merrier.”

As pet parents, we understand dogs naturally crave socialization and companionship with fellow animals. Not only that, but engagement with other dogs (and humans) helps your pet build confidence while warding off separation anxiety. Quality dog daycare programs, particularly those that offer group play packages, provide safe and supervised opportunities for your pets to interact with pups just like them.

Here are just three ways the gift of a group play package keeps giving throughout the new year and beyond:

  • Options: The best pet resorts offer several play packages to choose from. At Waggles Pet Resort, for example, pet parents can choose between one, two, or three group play sessions in our spacious and secure indoor and outdoor play yards. This allows pet parents to schedule as much or as little playtime as their pet is accustomed to while ensuring that pickup time produces a happy, yet tuckered-out, pet that is ready for some cuddles and TLC at home.
  • Compatibility: Assembling a successful playgroup takes a special touch. The Waggles team excels at putting the right pals together. Here, our group play package selection is based on our guests’ size, play style, and activity/energy level, all while taking our staff-to-dogs ratio into careful consideration. An initial and thorough evaluation ensures that all dogs in a group are comfortable and happy to be there. All dogs must be able to read and respond to the social cues of their peers.
  • Safety: A group play package is only as good as its play area. At Waggles, we offer three fenced-in outdoor yards, which are monitored 24 hours a day. All have playground equipment designed specifically with dogs in mind, and perfect for interactive play sessions, while premium, dog-friendly turf keeps your pet’s paws clean and comfortable.

Whether your dog is a “party animal” or simply enjoys some good, old-fashioned, high-octane horseplay, Waggles can accommodate. Our group play packages are available as part of our dog boarding and daycare service, which are also known for luxury amenities such as elevated, comfy beds; daily wellness checks; and a skilled team of compassionate caregivers. Come find out why Waggles is anything but the typical “kennel” experience.