We’ve all watched our dogs circle the floor at night before finally collapsing in a heap upon the carpet. Finding a comfortable spot to sleep is paramount for our pups and providing them with a good dog bed – whether at home or abroad – is one of the most important things we can do for them as pet parents.

Here are just three reasons a good dog bed is critical to a dog’s well-being.

  1. A good night’s sleep: This one might go without saying, but ample sleep is just as critical to our pets’ health as it is to our own. Sufficient rest boosts the immune system, wards off illness, and improves your dog’s mood. Elder dogs, and larger breeds, tend to need more sleep per night. And like us, plenty of Zzzz’s ensure that our dogs have a surplus of energy to get them through each day. Studies have also suggested that a sound night’s rest can give our dogs’ memory, and even intelligence, a jolt. Well-rested canines tend to retain and respond to new commands more promptly during training. A good dog bed is conducive to all of these factors.
  2. A cushion for tired joints: Older dogs are at higher risk for chronic joint conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia, making a good dog bed a much-needed relief from what can potentially be daily discomfort. But even puppies can benefit from a soft, cushiony surface to grab some rest, as it fosters healthy joint development and better sleep overall.
  3. A respite from a ruff day: Sometimes, when their environment is too noisy or chaotic, or even when they just want to “get away from it all,” our dogs enjoy a safe, secure place where they can escape for a while. Everyone, even our dogs, needs some alone time once in a while, and a nice spot to relax allows them to stretch out and recharge. A good dog bed provides this in spades.

A good dog bed is needed at home, but it’s imperative when your dog is vacationing at a pet resort.

At Waggles, guests stay in a private suite, complete with all of the comforts of home – including elevated beds (which help dogs stay cool while providing firm support) and soft bedding. Tempered glass doors and relaxing music before bedtime help to ensure your pet gets a great night’s sleep every night of their stay.

First-time guests receive their first night free. Call 847-886-3030 to learn more.