We all know that dogs crave regular exercise – but did you know that a dog’s workout needs largely depend on the breed, age, and overall health of your pet?

Puppies have energy to spare and require plenty of running, jumping, romping, and exploring as they grow and learn. As your dog ages, its level of exercise will vary by breed.

Here are five additional dog exercise tips to put some spring in your pet’s step as the weather warms up:

  1. Exercise puppies early and often: Taking long walks around your neighborhood can be hard on your puppy’s little legs and body. Instead, opt for multiple short walks and runs throughout the day, and just as many high-octane play sessions.
  2. Paddle with your pal: It’s common knowledge that dogs love to swim – so as the weather warms and pool season kicks off, take the time to make a splash with your four-footed friends. This low-impact exercise is great for both pets and their parents and provides plenty of cardio benefits.
  3. Have a catch: Or fetch – whatever Fido prefers. The main thing is to play ball with your pup and to keep playing as your dog matures. Tennis balls, chew toys, sticks, and frisbees – it’s all good. Don’t settle for a level playing field, either. Dogs love to fetch uphill, in the pool, and even across obstacle courses.
  4. Keep your veterinarian in the loop: When determining the best exercise levels for your pet, be sure to consult your family vet. Medical conditions for aging pets, such as respiratory concerns, could interfere with activity, and exercise could ultimately exacerbate problems rather than alleviate them.
  5. Enroll in a professional daycare program: Professionals agree. When it comes to dog exercise tips, finding a quality dog daycare program is at the top of the list. Doggie daycares offer a positive outlet for pets while their parents are at work or otherwise indisposed for the day. Daycare programs deliver a safe, stimulating environment for pets, where they can benefit from socialization with other animals and professional caretakers while receiving hours of supervised exercise.

Waggles Pet Resort designed its daycare program with your dog’s enjoyment and safety in mind. Our three spacious outdoor yards, along with multiple indoor play areas, pave the way for plenty of play and exploration. Our trained team carefully selects playgroups based on size, temperament, and play style, while premium canine-friendly turf ensures hours of excitement that are easy on your pet’s paws. Call us at 847-886-3030 to learn more.