Dogs love a good snow day just as much as any other kid.

In fact, any pet parent who has experienced that mid-winter rush of watching their pooch bound out the door and straight into an impromptu puppy snow angel knows just how much snow means to many dogs.

But pet parents also might wonder what protocols are at the local pet facility when the snow begins to fall.  

Here are just three ways dog daycare services make those marshmallow world style snow days a success:

  1. Getting the drift: Some – if not most – dogs love to romp and play in the snow. Specific breeds, like huskies, have it ingrained in their DNA. When snow is on the ground, and conditions are safe, snow days at quality pet resorts are filled with excitement, as enthusiastic pups chase after wayward snowflakes with their friends.
  2. Indoor play: Of course, some dogs aren’t huge fans of snowflakes. And occasionally, conditions are not conducive for anything other than a potty break. In either scenario, the ideal pet resorts simply move the fun inside. Waggles Pet Resort, for instance, offers multiple, clean indoor play areas where our guests can tucker themselves out under consistent supervision by trained caregivers.
  3. A warm welcome: The weather outside may be frightful, but the best pet resorts offer fully temperature-controlled amenities and accommodations, ensuring tails that are not only wagging, but warm and cozy when they’re eating, resting, or otherwise not at play.

Waggles Pet Resort specializes in balancing plenty of play with ample rest periods for your dog, and our team prides itself on providing a healthy, happy, and SAFE environment where your dog can socialize, exercise, and have the time of their life, no matter what the season.