Ah, summer. Across the nation, families are finding new destinations to visit, and scheduling time off of work. But one question remains: who is going to watch the dog?

While pet sitters can work in a pinch, boarding your dog at a quality pet resort offers far more flexibility, customization, and peace of mind, making it a much better option while you’re out of town.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Responsibility rises to the top of the list: At a glance, the responsibilities of both a resort and a sitter are, more or less, the same: making sure your pet is fed, exercised, and provided with plenty of potty breaks. But the logistics are different. A sitter, in most cases, comes and goes from your home, while navigating their own day-to-day life – and all of its ins, outs, and idiosyncrasies. If you know and trust your dog sitter, great. If you are enlisting help from Google or the Yellow Pages, exercise caution. How can you be certain your sitter is fulfilling their duties? And even if your hire has the best of intentions, so many pet resorts field calls from frantic pet owners whose help bailed at the last minute due to personal conflicts. Frustrating, at best – but also possibly debilitating to vacations or other travel plans. Boarding your dog, on the other hand, provides the structure and routine that dogs crave, and the peace of mind your family deserves. Brick-and-mortar facilities offer reassurance that your dog is safe and secure and consistently supervised by skilled and passionate specialists.
  • Expertise is every bit as important: At a pet resort, caretakers are equipped to handle any situation, including medical emergencies, and have undergone training in dog body language, behavior, and socialization. Unless you specifically seek out a dog sitter with similar credentials, they may lack the training to handle unexpected incidents.
  • Socialization staves off separation anxiety: Most sitters offer one-on-one engagement, which is essential. But dogs also crave social interaction with other animals AND people. And only a quality pet resort can provide custom play groups catered to your dog’s age, breed, energy level, and personality, in addition to access to spacious play yards where they can run and explore.
  • Comprehensive care is essential: Waggles Pet Resort is staffed by experienced pet care professionals and offers additional services and amenities that simply cannot be matched by a dog sitter. From spa and grooming services to training programs, and more, our comprehensive care extends beyond basic boarding, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. Occasions may exist in which hiring a pet sitter is preferred, particularly for anxious or unsocialized dogs or senior animals who are just homebodies and happy that way.

By and large, however, dog boarding is best when you are away, and Waggles Pet Resort can be the ideal choice for your pup. Our professional facilities are designed with your dog’s optimal comfort and care in mind, staffed by specialists dedicated to ensuring your pet is supervised, fed, and showered with affection while you are away. Reach out today to schedule a visit.