So, your dog’s all set for a week at the resort. The bags are packed, the food is sealed and labeled, and there’s a blanket with your home’s scent ready to go. There’s just one more thing left to ensure your dog has the most magnificent vacation possible: setting up custom boarding packages.

By tailoring a boarding experience to your dog’s specific needs, you can rest assured that they’ll be comfortable and happy while they’re away from home.

From custom diets to exercise routines, custom playtime packages provide the personalized care your dog deserves.

So next time you’re planning a trip, consider adding group playtimes for your furry friend—it’ll make all the difference in their vacation experience.

Here are just three ways Waggles Pet Resorts puts your pet’s needs and interests first:

  1. Custom group playtimes. By customizing the number of activities to fit your pet’s individual needs, you can be sure they’re getting the most out of their resort stay. And since they’re engaging with other dogs and people, they’re getting a chance to socialize and burn off some extra energy. Whether you’re interested in adding one, two, or three play sessions, adding group playtime to your pet’s next boarding stay can be the perfect way to make sure they’re staying active while having a great time, and getting the proper amount of rest as well.
  2. Special snacks. Gourmet treats made from natural ingredients are delivered directly to your dog’s luxury suite. Now that’s full-service.
  3. A ticket to ride. One great way to customize your pet’s lodging experience while making things easier on yourself is to schedule a chauffeur service for pick-up and drop-off. Waggles’ transportation service is safe, efficient, and convenient. And a ride in the car is something most dogs just can’t say no to.

Is your pup a high-energy ball of fire? A laid-back lounger? No worries. Waggles has a personalized care plan just for them to make sure they have the best possible stay with us. 

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Try us today and get your first night free!