July 5 is, by far, the busiest day at animal shelters across the country.

And that’s the biggest reason to consider a pet resort on July 4 (and throughout the month) for your dog.

It’s not hard to see why there’s such an influx on the 5th. The night before, fireworks are being set off in neighborhoods and communities throughout the country.

Many, if not most, dogs are extremely sensitive to loud noises like thunder, the vacuum cleaner, and – of course – fireworks.

Left outdoors during a boisterous banging and booming display, many dogs seek a means of escape and end up miles away from their homes, and ultimately in the care of animal control – or possibly worse.

Even fun-loving, social dogs can become severely anxious when those loud noises start to pop. To help your dog have a holiday free from scares, and to prevent them from inadvertently harming themselves or others, you should consider a pet resort.

Boarding your dog provides a safe and secure reprieve, not only on July 4, but also throughout the summer months when fireworks are commonplace at baseball games, traveling carnivals, and other public celebrations.

Here are just a few fireworks season tips for pet owners:

  • Understand the distress signals your pet may be exhibiting. These may include pacing back and forth, climbing on you or pawing at you, excessive barking, drooling, shivering and/or cowering, and seeking a small, enclosed hiding spot.
  • Provide plenty of playtime and exercise earlier in the day: Exercise is a great way to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog, which can help to reduce anxious feelings and behaviors, and may serve as somewhat of a distraction from stresses later in the day. This also helps to provide them with ample activity before nightfall when the fireworks begin, and your dog must be indoors.
  • Keep all animals indoors during fireworks displays: Whether the spectacle is happening in your neighborhood or miles away, make sure your dog is inside for the night. Dogs have incredible hearing, which amplifies what to them are terrifying noises. Be sure to keep your dog safely indoors during such events, and provide them with a safe, quiet getaway where they can wait things out.
  • Consider a pet resort. Boarding your dog may very well be the best option on fireworks-heavy holidays like July 4, particularly if you and your family plan to be out for the evening or if you will be traveling. Luxury pet resorts offer peace of mind for pet parents and around-the-clock monitoring of pets by professional and compassionate animal caregivers. Playtime with fellow dogs, TLC from human team members, tuck-in service, and luxury amenities will make your dog feel at ease – and right at home.

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