Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Another holiday house party? Boarding your pet may turn out to be a perfect solution for both you and your dog this season – no wishbones about it. Boarding at a luxury resort is simply safer and less stressful for your dog while giving you more time to focus on your guests.

Consider the following:

  • Sidestep the frustrations of a full house: The holidays frequently feature a revolving door of visitors, some of whom may be strangers to our pets, which can be stressful for our dogs – even if they adore people. This is particularly true if the guest list includes small children who don’t quite understand boundaries and pet safety. Even if your dog is typically the official home greeter, the holidays can be loud and boisterous, which often bothers an animal’s sensitive ears. And keep in mind, some people aren’t animal lovers, while others may even be apprehensive around dogs. Boarding your pet ensures a safe environment for everyone and provides your pet with a customized getaway of its own while company is in town.
  • Gobble-gobble guilt-free: Playing host for the holiday get-togethers while still making sure your pet has the undivided attention they need and deserve can be challenging. Not to mention, the holidays are rife with mouth-watering morsels and treats, along with that annual showstopper: the turkey. Boarding your pet ensures temptation takes a holiday and your dog has the time of their life, while allowing you to focus on your human friends and family.
  • Exercise is important during the holidays: A good workout is essential during the holidays – not only for us, as we walk off the mashed potatoes and stuffing, but also for our pets. A luxury resort offers plenty of opportunities for our dogs to run and play with fellow pets, burning off excess energy while getting the workout they need and crave. At Waggles Pet Resort, for example, pet parents can customize their pet’s stay to include one, two, or three playgroup sessions to fit their dog’s unique play style.
  • Pop a cork with peace of mind: We know it’s colloquially called Turkey Day, but this year, make sure to make your dog a top priority, as well. Waggles Pet Resort promises to do the same. When boarding your pet with us, you can rest assured your pup will enjoy a fun-filled vacation of its very own. All visitors sleep in comfy suites featuring tempered glass doors and elevated beds, and enjoy luxury amenities including daily wellness checks, tuck-in service, relaxing music and so much more.

Right now, for the holidays, first-time guests receive a free night of lodging. Contact us today to learn more.