Just like sending a child off to kindergarten on the first day of school, pet parents may wonder how their dogs will fare when enrolled in a daycare program or dropped off for an overnight boarding stay. But take heart – the best pet resorts put your dog’s safety first, making sure that they feel right at home when they walk through the doors.

Here’s how they do it:

  1. Trained personnel: Exemplary pet care starts with people. The best pet resorts are staffed not only by compassionate and caring animal lovers but professional pet caretakers who follow industry-leading practices and protocols and participate in ongoing educational programs and training sessions to stay on top of best practices.
  2. Thorough assessments: Meticulous pet resorts make sure your dog is comfortable and at ease before the very first visit. At Waggles, for example, new visitors to our daycare are invited for a trial run so that our caretakers can gauge their comfort level in social situations with other people and dogs. This helps us to custom-tailor services to those dogs who may be somewhat shy or simply prefer the companionship of their humans.
  3. Tailored playgroups: The best pet resorts are awesome at matching like-minded and similarly energetic dogs with one another. Playmates are selected based on size, age, activity level, and personality, leaving nothing to chance. Not only that, but the crème de la crème of the canine world will go the extra mile to make certain that their staff-to-dog ratio is taken into consideration so that no one – animal or human – becomes overwhelmed.
  4. Time for rest: The best part of the best pet resorts – at least, as far as your dog is concerned – is the running, romping, jumping, playing, leaping, exploring, exercising, and tail-wagging wonder of it all. But punctuating these high-octane playtimes with breaks is essential, and your caretakers will make certain your dog gets ample rest periods in between.

Fun – and safe fun, at that – awaits at Waggles Pet Resort. Enjoy peace of mind (while your dog enjoys everything else). And first-time visitors get a free day of play. Contact us today to learn more.