A quality dog daycare program will keep your dog mentally and physically preoccupied while you’re away at work, running errands, or otherwise indisposed. And while daycare programs are typically built for four-legged fun, they also make a huge difference in your pup’s mental wellbeing and can even mitigate many behavioral issues in dogs.

Here are just three ways the right doggie daycare program can help your dog put its best paw forward:

  • No more boredom: Dog daycare programs provide your pup with positive outlets for exercise and play, effectively eliminating boredom and/or loneliness and stress and various behavioral issues in dogs (chewing, barking, etc.) that can sometimes result. Not only does dog daycare offer new, exciting, and enriching experiences for your pup, but by providing them with daily distractions – like the doggie splash pools and dog birthday parties at Waggles Pet Resort – there are exactly zero chances for them to chew shoes and furniture or root through the trash.
  • More confidence: Doggie daycare encourages regular socialization with new people and animals, fostering a sense of trust and paving the path toward new relationships and learning experiences.
  • Reduced anxiety: By enrolling puppies in doggie daycare programs early, parents can help to acclimate their pets to being apart for periods of time, which wards off separation anxiety in advance.

Waggles Pet Resort’s dog daycare program was specifically designed with your dog’s happiness and safety in mind. Here, every dog enjoys plenty of activity in spacious and secure outdoor and indoor play yards, punctuated by routine rest periods that allow for an optimal balance of play and relaxation. Play groups are also selected based on size, temperament, and play style, ensuring that dogs are paired with the perfect pals while they romp and play.

Contact us today to learn more about how Waggles’ dog daycare programs can help to eliminate unwanted behavioral issues in dogs, while providing you with peace of mind and encouraging positive behaviors in your pet.